Not from Here Interviews

Here are several radio interviews about my memoir, Not from Here.

  • Minnesota Public Radio, 13 minutes
  • The Roundtable, Joe Donahue (WAMC, Northeast Public Radio, 25 minutes)
    • IdeaSphere, Guy Rathbun (KCBX, NPR, California, 29 minutes)
    • Northern Spirit Radio, Mark Helpsmeet (WHYS, Wisconsin, 55 minutes)
    • Keep It Movin’ with Marsha Jews (WEAA, NPR, Baltimore, 16 minutes)
    • The Exchange, Charity Nebbe (Iowa Public Radio, 30 minutes)
    • Dakota Midday, Karl Gehrke (South Dakota Public Radio, 16 minutes)
    • Radio with a View, Marc Stern (WMBR, NPR, Cambridge, MA, 44 minutes)
    • What’s Going On, Loraine Ballard Morrill (WDAS, Philadelphia, 14 minutes)
    • What’s at Stake, Verna Avery Brown (WPFW, Pacifica, Washington, DC, 28 minutes)

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